Helping Others vs. Yourself

Helping can be one of the best things in the world and one of the most frustrating! You can help someone else and for me that is usually the easy part. Helping design a flyer, announcement, or other informational piece and its a breeze. Help build a shed or repair a toy, yep all over that. Assist in starting a blog for a family member who wants to get out there, it may take a bit longer, but I’m all there. Trying to help myself… that is a hard thing to tackle.

I can rack my brain for days or weeks and still I cannot come up with a solution to my own problem. This specific problem is just something I need help with. Ideas that I just can’t come up with and need a new, fresh perspective from a different set of eyes. The brain that comes along with those eyes is definitely helpful as well. 😉 There are just those times where you need help from another person and it could be for a little insight, for physical assistance or for something completely different.

In my situation, I am the kind of person who really likes to be able to everything herself. I really don’t like asking for help with something that I feel should be all me, but I realize that sometimes that extra perspective is exactly what I need to continue on the path I want to be going. There is just no going around it. My brain was not meant to know everything and no amount of research will assist me. What I really needed was for someone I could tell my goals to, someone I could discuss what I want to accomplish and get ideas from for what I am planning.

I cannot do it all myself and I’ve spent countless hours when I could have spent only a few to brainstorm with someone I trust. Now that I have finally set up that brainstorming session, maybe I can figure out how to proceed and keep going forward with my goals. If you ever are stuck with something, anything, there is always someone you can talk things out with. Don’t let your pride get in the way of continuing on the path you were meant to be on by not talking out your problems with someone you trust.

Who is that person you turn to, to get insight and confess your thoughts to? What is the best story you have of helping someone?


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