Author’s Story

Being born and raised in Wisconsin with five sisters was not the easiest thing for one of the youngest of the bunch, but books helped pass the time of girly arguments, the drama of school, boys, and whatever else six girls could dish out.

I fell in love with romances at a somewhat younger age, but it wasn’t just the love story that caught my attention. It was the journey, the adventure, the determination of the characters to finish that journey together and the actively strong heroines that could take care of their own that kept me coming back to them. Then came the fantasy, things the imagination brought to life through words on a page. The creation of lands, creatures, languages, species, realms, and so much more would keep me hooked forever. There really is no limit to the imagination and creation of the human mind when word of a good story begin to flow.

I don’t really have a favorite author, but more of favorite sub-genres: Shifters – the powerful species where the animal inside sometimes fights to the surface to aid and sometimes get in trouble as the characters grow in their journey of sharing their body with that of the animal kingdom. Pirates – The mysterious, rugged band of sea adventures that have their lives turned upside down by a strong headed heroine or unexpected turn of events. Powers – Immortals, special powers and abilities. Who hasn’t dreamed of having a special power or unique ability.

I also read historical, westerns, dark(vampires), but I leave those to my twin who is known for having a darker nature. (Yes, I really have an identical twin and Yes, she really considers herself the dark one. 🙂 )

After graduating high school, I was your average worker. I worked in manufacturing for quite a few years as my parents do. But then, I realized I wanted something different and went through many trials to find what that was. From trying to start businesses that never seemed to get off the ground to working in real estate for a few years to cleaning for a living. I couldn’t find what I wanted to do for the duration of my life that would give me the flexibility to be with my children and help provide from my family. The long days of showing house after house when they never intended to put in an offer was not how I wanted to spend my days and weekends. And what can I say about cleaning other than I really didn’t want to be cleaning up after people anymore.

Now don’t get me wrong, those jobs were all great when they were needed and I learned a lot from those experiences. I am definitely more aware when going out of what cleaners would have to do when I leave a building. Little hands are adorable, but not when trying to clean the prints off a glass door night after night and there is no way to succeed in real estate if you don’t have some sort of organizational process implemented to keep track of offers, contracts, client information, and the steps in the process with each client.

Why did those not work for me? Well, I have two very active children at home that I was missing out on. Their accomplishments, imaginations and activities was something I didn’t want to let pass me by. I needed to be with them, to encourage my daughter, Aryalanna to dance and sing and my son, Evan’s enthusiasm for all things machine and plant related.

With writing, I am able to allow my own imagination to take flight as well as be the mother I have always wanted to be to my children and the wife to my loving and supportive husband. We also have four kitties determined to gain attention at all the wrong times.

I hope you like my stories and remember, never limit your imagination!